In the last ten years, the method of ‘dabbing’ has become popular with people who like to enjoy cannabis. This is a consumption method that involves smoking cannabis concentrate. Whether you use cannabis for medical reasons or recreationally, smoking dabs may be the consumption method for you. Read on to find out more about dabbing and its benefits, as well as its perceived dangers and possible side effects.

What is a Dab?

A dab is a dose of concentrated cannabis plant, which is created by the extraction of THC and cannabinoids using a solvent, such as butane or carbon dioxide. This produces sticky oil or wax, which is sometimes known as butane hash oil (BHO), shatter or budder. This is heated on a red-hot surface, such as a nail and then it is inhaled via a dab rig. Often a blowtorch or e-nail is used for the heating process. Just like using a hot stove, you just have to be careful to avoid burning yourself.

Dabbing is known for its purity and its fast and effective high; this has been the main attraction of the consumption method.

Medical Benefits of Dabbing

As dabbing is known for its more powerful and concentrated delivery of cannabis using fewer flowers, this method allows patients who use the herb medicinally to receive the help they need more efficiently. Whether this is to tackle chronic pains or combat nausea, reports say that smoking dabs is ideal for swift and effective help as a more potent remedy.

Potential Dangers of Smoking Dabs

More often people know the risks associated with dabbing than the benefits. Unfortunately, there are dangers that should be highlighted, as the extraction process can be tricky. With the vast amount of free information online, many people attempt to extract themselves, which can lead to poor products, not to mention accidents. It is not unknown for explosions to happen; yes, real home explosions like you see in movies.

This is why it is important to leave extraction to the professionals. They employ an enclosed extraction process that is safer and done with better equipment than you will have access to at home. Ice water extraction and other methods are safer if you are doing it yourself. But, with the number of stores legally selling concentrates, there is a decreasing need for DIY methods.

Of course, the process of smoking dabs can look intimidating to beginners. The use of glass bongs, strange substances and the need for blowtorches can scare people at first. People often jump to conclusions and mistake dabbing for smoking crack or other questionable substances. It is vital to educate yourself before trying dabbing.

Side Effects of Dabs

Concentrates are stronger than flowers, so when beginners try dabbing for the first time, it can be easier to take bigger doses than you can tolerate. Although this is not lethal, it can mean feeling nauseous and lethargic and suffering unpleasant after effects. Although it is rare, paranoia is also a concern, as well as passing out. There are studies that suggest there can be worse withdrawal symptoms, but this is not yet conclusive.

Taking smaller amounts when you try dabbing can avoid any of these side effects from happening. If you are not sure how much concentrate is too much or how to do dabbing properly, ask a budtender or someone at a head shop for recommendations and advice beforehand.

There are often worries that dabbing will damage the lungs. But, studies have found that cannabinoid concentrates don’t have any proven negative impact on your lung function.

There is no doubt that cannabis concentrates have their advantage points, but it will be your own preference whether you enjoy dabbing and are open to smoking dabs in the future.

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